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> Benefits of Coral Calcium
There Are 3 Key Benefits

1. One key benefit of Marine Coral Calcium is readily absorbable calcium and magnesium. The other factor within coral which includes its highly balanced mineral content and the occurrence of byproducts may account for absorbed benefits. It should be noted that within seconds of entering the stomach, a large percentage of coral becomes ionized and ready for absorption by the body, even though the calcium is present as a carbonate.

2. The second unique benefit of Coral Pure Calcium is due to its organic and not elemental nature. The process of chelation of minerals occurs in nature where organic substances are bonded to metal ions (metallic minerals). The term "Chelation" is derived from the Greek word “bele" which refers to the claw of a crab. In fact, the process of chelation therapy in humans has become a highly valued technique in alternative medicine for removing unwanted metals and treating a variety of diseases. The clear advantage of coral calcium is the presence of chelated mineral atoms that are surrounded by larger molecules. In this chelated form, the charged (elective fields) of the minerals are changed so that the body better absorbs them and are readily utilized in the vital chemistry of life. in simple terms, the chelation activity in coral calcium may make elements or minerals more available for use by the body.

3. The third real advantage of Coral Pure Calcium is its tendency to not result in rapid swings of high (hypercalcemia) or low (hypocalcemia) blood calcium. According to Japanese scientists, the lack of gyration of blood calcium when taking coral calcium is a real advantage.